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Dear applicant, we inform you that the call for applications for the III edition (A.Y. 2023/24) is closed. Your pre-application will be evaluated for attending the third edition of the program (A.Y. 2023/24).


Tell us more about you

The pre-application procedure consists in completing a short form and recording a video statement. It is not mandatory but strongly recommended. You can start completing the form below.

Thank you for the time you spent completing this form.


Doubts about your video statement?

Please watch the video guide below, it will give you all the good tips about how to produce a strong video statement and technical advice.


What you need to do

This step is mandatory in order to apply for the program so we ask you to carefully follow our guidelines.

You are requested to provide and send, as attachments to an email, a scanned copy of the completed application form* and a scanned copy of the following documents, preferably in pdf format:

It is necessary to print the form, complete it accurately, scan it and send it with all the scanned documents of the list mentioned above, as attachments, preferably in pdf format, to the following addresses:

If you are a non-italian student send your email with all documents and the completed application form attached at

If you are an italian student send your email with all documents and the completed application form attached at

In the dossier you can find all the information we summed up here and all the other details about the program and the application process.

Application Deadline: 12th July


We are here to help you

We know that the bureaucratic procedure can be difficult to face on your own, for this reason our mentoring team is available to solve any doubts you may have, to answer any questions and always ready to help and support you during all steps of the application procedure.

So, please contact us to know more.

The Fourth Edition of the program will start in October 2024.


Do you need a Visa?

If you are an Extra EU student, you will be asked to provide a Visa to join the program.
On the page reachable by the button below, you will land on the Farnesina website. Farnesina is the department of the Italian Government in charge of foreign affairs and international cooperation, visit the website to know the general rules and practical instruction to get a Visa for Italy.

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