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Meet the students of the third cohort and read what they have to say about their educational path at MEIM.

Luca Annibale


I chose this master's because thanks to its collaboration with MIT, it is a great opportunity for my future, to aim for the maximum, but also to get involved and try new challenges. Spending time there, and getting in touch with people and professors from all over the world is an experience that will change my way of thinking and living forever.

Giovanni Maria Bonelli


I decided to enroll in the MEIM Master's program because I believe it is a unique opportunity, one not to be missed. The possibility of attending MIT courses is an unrepeatable experience, and being able to interact directly with various university professors to deepen the related subjects is a privilege. Thanks to this academic program, I am considerably improving a wide range of skills that I consider fundamental for my professional development. I consider it a real springboard into the world of work, as it will provide me with the knowledge and skills necessary to face future challenges with confidence and competence.

Federica Castellano


I chose to join the MEIM because I believe in the power of innovative entrepreneurship. I think that MEIM, with its partnership with MIT, is a great opportunity to learn from international professors, broaden my perspective through diverse cultures, equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, and contribute to the growth of our region.

Martina Di Iorio


Upon discovering the MEIM program, I was immediately attracted to its potential. This master's program not only offers promising career opportunities but also enhances the reputation of Parthenope University and its unique location, which is Naples. Throughout the year, I expect to discover my entrepreneurial spirit and pursue my passion for management. I am particularly excited about the prospect of visiting MIT and immersing myself in its dynamic and innovative environment. This experience promises personal growth and development. With each passing day, I am confident that I will continue to evolve and improve, both personally and professionally.

Ilaria Fico


Upon discovering the opportunity to enroll in the MEIM course, I was immediately captivated by its potential. The program's collaboration between Parthenope University and MIT Sloan School of Management promises a seamless fusion of academic rigor and practical relevance. The prospect of learning from esteemed faculty members and engaging in hands-on projects fills me with anticipation. I am confident that MEIM will furnish me with the essential skills, knowledge, and networks requisite for navigating the dynamic landscape of contemporary business. Furthermore, my ultimate aspiration is to actively engage in my local community to promote its growth and nurture a culture of innovation. I firmly believe that pursuing the MEIM program represents the most promising avenue to realize this vision.

Andrea Giuseppe Giannico


Since I first learned about it, the Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management has represented a pivotal moment for me. Ever since then, every academic step I've taken has been driven by a singular goal: to become part of this exceptional program. This Master's isn't just an academic opportunity, but an extraordinary journey toward personal and professional growth. Imagine immersing yourself in a dynamic environment where multidisciplinary subjects blend with the expertise of top-notch faculty and the infectious motivation of fellow students. Add to all this the collaboration with the prestigious MIT Sloan School of Boston, and you'll have a perfect blend of innovation and inspiration. The collaboration with the MIT Sloan School of Boston adds immeasurable value, offering a rich and stimulating learning experience. For me, the opportunity to study within one of the world's most prestigious universities in the managerial and entrepreneurial fields is a dream come true.

Emiliano Matera


I’ve decided to join this course because it will guide me to reach and unlock my full potential. The dynamic realm of innovation management has forever ignited my passion, and the opportunity to be mentored by Naples' foremost intellects amplifies my enthusiasm.
Here's to not merely absorbing knowledge, but commanding it; to not just refining skills, but mastering them; and to not merely embracing growth, but propelling it both personally and professionally!

Andrea Pone


I decided to join MEIM because I realized it was the right choice at the right moment. Firstly, I felt the necessity to add something more to my master’s degree in marketing and international management, in such a way that I could develop new and practical soft and hard skills; nowadays, in fact, the world is rapidly changing, and it continuously asks for people with a multidisciplinary background and mindset. Moreover, the collaboration with the prestigious university of MIT represents an incredible opportunity for my personal and professional growth and a remarkable calling card for the future. I strongly believe that MEIM can help me to satisfy my natural curiosity and to stimulate my entrepreneurial spirit.

Adua Arianna Tibaldi


I chose to join MEIM because I recognized it as an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth. This Master's program offers a comprehensive enhancement of practical and theoretical skills, along with fostering abilities in public speaking, teamwork, and, notably, stimulating creativity and innovative thinking. MEIM provides an enriching environment, brimming with knowledge and inspiration, facilitating growth in both academic and personal spheres. Additionally, the connection with MIT serves as a bridge, enabling a place like Naples to be interconnected and inspired by the dynamic environment of Massachusetts.

Akash Kumar Singh


MEIM Path offers a comprehensive approach to empowering learning and shaping overall personality into a confident individual, As it comprises management-related lectures as well as soft skill activities. It has helped me to form a clear narrative about complex managerial knowledge and paradoxes.

Pietro Aprea


My decision to participate in the MEIM Master's program in collaboration with MIT in Boston was driven by the awareness of its significant impact on my professional growth. The collaboration with MIT Sloan Management School provided unique opportunities, shaping my future and enriching my educational background. During my experience at MEIM, I discovered a new way of thinking, reasoning, and tackling problems. This approach transformed my perception of problems, now see them as new opportunities. The high-level academic environment and collaboration with professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and professors contributed to shaping this innovative perspective. The experience at MEIM was extraordinary, altering my worldview, leaving an indelible mark on my growth, and equipping me with the necessary tools to face complex challenges. I am grateful for this opportunity that solidified my entrepreneurial path.

Bruno Bellissimo


I chose to embark on the MEIM journey to fully immerse myself in the realm of business management and innovation. The partnership with MIT Sloan School of Management promises an extraordinary experience that will shape my future and amplify my motivation to innovate and drive positive change. The MEIM experience, however, extends beyond personal growth; it is a commitment to building and showcasing innovations, especially in Southern Italy, which is a context we are eager to fortify and elevate.

Angela Cannata


I chose this Master's program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management because I think that it offers a unique opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge needed to drive personal and professional growth. I highly appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of this Master's, which allows you to become an expert in different fields, giving you the necessary flexibility to face the outside world.
The collaboration with MIT adds even more value to this study program. Having the opportunity to study in Boston, besides providing unique knowledge, will allow us to discover new realities and broaden our horizons in an unforgettable experience.

Roberto D'Oriano


I joined the Master's in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management because, throughout my growth, year after year, I have always wanted to leap in quality both on a personal and professional level and so far I'm confident that this program is the right choice for me. The high level of Parthenope University, from which I graduated, and the prestigious collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) played a fundamental role in my decision. The central theme of this program is "Innovation," which I believe also has a positive impact on the personal aspects of the people who study it. Furthermore, Innovation is a dynamic and versatile subject applicable to all industries, and I aspire to become an expert in this field. Moreover, MEIM provides expertise for the creation and development of one's business idea to be launched through a startup and at the same time enhances the right skills that allow students to enter the management area, which constitutes a key element of a company. I considered these aspects a pivotal feature useful for clarifying which career path to pursue upon completing my studies.
Another fundamental resource that swept away any doubts about my choice was the possibility of creating networks. During the program, students create important relationships among each other, and as part of an MIT international program, gain access to the exclusive MIT alumni network. I am confident that these networks and relationships will not only enrich our experiences today but also open doors to plentiful opportunities for career advancement and business expansion tomorrow.

Gennaro Di Niola


This program represents an unparalleled learning opportunity for me in a unique environment that blends the best business practices with the academic excellence of MIT. The prospect of acquiring fundamental knowledge and essential skills to develop innovative solutions and turn ideas into reality is incredibly motivating. What truly makes this program special is the support provided by a global network of mentors, professors, and successful entrepreneurs. This extensive network will not only offer valuable advice and guidance along my journey but also provide me with the opportunity to collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds, opening doors to new perspectives and growth opportunities. I believe that the modern economy is characterized by complex and ever-evolving challenges. However, I am equally convinced that with the right skills and adequate support, we can turn these challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. My goal is to actively contribute to creating a better future, both for myself and for our community.

Emanuhel Galassi


I joined MEIM because it offers a unique experience. The chance to be immersed in a so stimulating environment every day, surrounded by students with the same interests and inspiring professors, is priceless. However, it was its international connotation that convinced me, thanks to the MIT expertise provided during the courses. I think that this master's is the perfect choice for people like me who have not decided on their future job yet, as the vast number of subjects taught and topics discussed offer countless ideas. My future starts from MEIM.

Fabio Cantelli


My choice to enroll at MEIM stems from my determination to explore the professional world from a broad perspective, with particular attention to the entrepreneurial context. I decided to test myself to broaden my strategic and economic skills and to build a new network, especially thanks to the opportunity to study at MIT in Boston. I know that MEIM will offer me the stimulating environment and resources necessary to grow professionally and achieve my goals.

Lorenzo Angelo Moccia


To enhance my career skills, enrich my knowledge, and join a network of future managers. On top of that, I will attend MIT too!

Carlotta Hebisch


The MEIM is teaching me to better understand how to spot good inventions and transform them into sustainable success. Providing me with a broad skill set, the program deepens my knowledge in numerous fields, nurturing my interest in simple, smart, and eco-friendly solutions.
For me, this is an experience studying abroad which means that while I am tackling everyday challenges, I am experiencing formative moments that I will carry for a lifetime. Undoubtedly, the experience at MIT Sloan is going to be outstanding, opening us up to the world of leading business schools and infusing us with a different kind of mindset. I am thrilled to soak it all in.

Martina Vaccarella


Enrolling in MEIM springs from my belief that this program is more than an academic pursuit; it's a gateway to immerse myself in a diverse global landscape. It offers not just knowledge but a chance to delve into a variety of perspectives, enriching my understanding of the world while fostering personal growth. My primary goal is to walk away equipped with the skills to turn innovative ideas into impactful real-world solutions. Additionally, the opportunity to study at MIT in America presents new challenges that will push me even further outside my comfort zone. I believe that embracing these challenges will lead to significant growth both in terms of knowledge and personal development, making this a truly life-changing journey.


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