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Students and Quotes

Meet the students of the second cohort and read what they have to say about their educational path at MEIM.

Andrea Aversano


I choose to join this master's program because I think it s a boost to my education and career, thanks to the partnership with Mit sloan school of Management, we have experienced something amazing that could shape our future and increase our motivation for even bigger goals.
The added value of the Master is related to the ability to brighten your ideas because it gives you different tools and frameworks that are applicable to your business ideas, and of course the networks that come from the USA experience in Boston.

Davide Bifulco


I chose to join MEIM because I was captivated by the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in the field of business management and innovation. I believe that this educational program offers significant added value in terms of acquiring practical and theoretical skills that are essential to tackle the challenges of today's business world. The combination of multidisciplinary approach, concrete case studies, and networking opportunities with industry professionals provides a unique perspective to develop the necessary skills for success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Gennaro Di Bernardo


I applied for this master's because is an amazing experience to improve my managerial and entrepreneurial skills, and also because is a more unique than rare experience thanks to the collaboration with MIT, which improved us in a lot of aspects, especially in team-working, and in learning a new methodology to face and solve the more different kind of problems, especially about the working environment.

Martina Ferraro


I decided to join MEIM to develop entrepreneurial and innovation management skills that are essential to starting a startup or promoting innovation in an organization. The added value of the program lies in the combination of theory, practice and networking opportunities with successful entrepreneurs, that will provide me the knowledge and skills necessary for an entrepreneurial path.

Ludovica Gargiulo


I chose to participate in MEIM’s program because I realized how important is to stimulate your ability to adapt to change and to understand how much success depends on innovation in a constantly changing world. I believe that innovation impacts the way you do business in many ways. Innovation is about the ability to make decisions, work as a team, look at things from different perspectives, and create a sense of community within the workplace. In other words, to innovate means getting out of your comfort zone, and looking towards the future. What I expect from this inspiring project is to learn to work cooperatively as a team, focusing on a common goal and effectively sharing my ideas.

Antonio Manco


I chose MEIM because it allowed me to grow from a cognitive standpoint and integrate knowledge that was absent in my course of study in ways that I couldn't imagine before. Anyway, I think the added value of this program is the chance to go to America and learn from the best minds at one of the best universities in the world.

Fabiana Pollice


I think that this master in entrepreneurship and innovation management is an ambitious project because I believe that the collaboration with MIT can give us added value and the opportunity to distinguish ourselves. Thanks to this master, I had the opportunity to deepen my studies, develop a new vision and a new mindset, and, also, to live an international experience in collaboration with one of the most important universities in the world. Our region really deserves an important program like this one, because we young people are the key to enhancing our territory. This master's was the best choice I could make, and it is a huge honor to be part of it.

Matteo Tavano


I chose MEIM because, during my university career, I needed an educational context that would place me in an entrepreneurial environment with an international approach, that would allow me to study and experiment with how to become an entrepreneur, and that would allow me to reach an international network. What MEIM added to my life was consciousness. Because studying with professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and professors, sharing everyday experiences with a group of people like me, and having an experience at MIT so much indelible in my life, makes you find yourself at the end of the path with another vision and other tools, but most of all with a changed yourself that see the world with other eyes and from another point of view.

Chiara Anastasio


I chose this path to improve my knowledge of the entrepreneurial world and innovation dynamics. Innovation is an essential tool if you want to lead a successful business. The opportunity to study in the United States of America and the chance to know the MIT professors is something that made me very interested in this formative program.

Luciano De Angelis


I joined this study program because I talked to people who participated in it before, and they told me about the experience of going to the MIT campus, which has been amazing. It has been really exciting and educational, both for me and for my classmates. It changed my mindset: when I returned to Naples, I started to approach problems and study in a better and different way.

Roberta Dirupo


As soon as I learned about MEIM, I knew it was an opportunity I could not miss. This is one of the most innovative initiatives in our region: a bridge that connects Naples and Boston and the evolving and inspiring Massachusetts environment. Most importantly, the people behind this master are so passionate about their mission that the learning path we are following is a clear sign of an innovative, advanced mindset that is now becoming part of each one of us. If I should define which is the added value of this master's program, I would say that it is the way everything is interconnected and nurtured: as the learning objectives are reached, ideas are developed, and tools and support are provided for us to reach our goal. What is truly unique is how we feel inspired, empowered, and supported each day while they teach us how big the impact we can have on society can truly be.

Vincenzo Fiengo


I chose to participate in this training course because I found the training course highly interesting and it is not an everyday thing to be able to access MIT. The added value of this training course is certainly the union between teaching and group activities to apply the things learned in practice. We also have a large variety of teachers, trained in different subjects which makes everything much more stimulating.

Alfonso Langella


I choose to join meim because i consider this master program as an important opportunity to improve my skills and knowledges in different fields and also as a springboard for my future job career.
In my opinion the added value of this formative path is related to the idea of connect students with different backgrounds, in order to create a stimulating and challenging environment.

Epifanio Nunziata


I believe in innovative entrepreneurship as a driving force for change and growth both personally and in our territory. This program offers a unique learning environment that combines business best practices with MIT academic excellence, allowing me to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills to develop innovative solutions and turn ideas into reality. With the support of a global network of mentors, professors, and successful entrepreneurs, I feel I'm ready to face the challenges of the modern economy and contribute to the creation of a better future.

Sara Silvestre


I chose MEIM because it was the best experience to improve my career. You have the big opportunity to explore different cultures at the same time in order to understand how they think and work in the business world. In every moment you receive new stimuli. This is an invaluable added value to boost your professional path.

Roberta Vitone


I applied for MEIM because I strongly believe that innovation is the future and taking part in this inspiring and challenging experience is perfectly suited for all those aiming to develop skills in order to design business ideas and to provide innovative tools to firms. The crucial advantage that this master offers is the possibility of getting closer to an international ecosystem, experiencing a full immersion program at one of the most prestigious universities in the world which is MIT in Boston, and of course achieving an international mindset to help firms grow in the increasing context of innovation. MEIM clearly represents a turning point and a milestone that everyone should have in his own career and professional path.


At the MIT Sloan

Some shots showing our class during MIT Full Immersione Program at the MIT Sloan campus.

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